It all begins with a brand.

A good brand identity will help your business stand out in the crowded marketplace and be memorable.

Rooted in consumer insights & shifts in culture, our unique approach helps you build a brand to reckon with. We deliver authentic brand positioning, key messaging along with logo and a unique visual identity that helps your brand stand out.

brand development services include

Brand Naming

What’s in a Name? We create company, product, and service names for companies, next new things, and breakout brands. We believe in creating brand names for you that are rooted in real, human language having rich meaning and depth. Your names are created from a rigorous, logical naming process, as well as inspired by poetry and art. A great name is memorable, unique and something that can evince emotional connection to your brand. Let us help you dream big.

Competitor Landscape

Who are you playing with? No company operates in isolation. We help you understand your direct and indirect competition. The points of parity with your competition legitimize your place as a real player in the industry and points of difference with your competition are what make your business unique and stand out. Our job is to understand what makes your business one-of-a-kind and use it to build your brand presence.

Customer/Audience Personas

Don’t you hate it when you get stuck at the party with someone who rambles on and on without any consideration for what you want? Don’t be that business. Know Your Customer. We help you build your key customer personas (yes, even if you are a B2B enterprise – contact us to find out why) who contribute to 80% of your sales. Our goal is to help you tailor your messaging to the customer that matters.

Logo Design & Visual Identity

Looks matter. A great brand always has an iconic logo and an overall good look & feel. We understand who you are, as a brand, and help you build great logos accompanied by good visual identities – these include brand imagery, photography, iconography, color palettes and typography. Our visual identity guide will define how you show up in front of your customers, clients, partners, and internal employees.

Brand Story, Positioning & Personality

What is your brand’s story? What makes you uniquely you? How do your customers perceive you? We help you build out your brand story, understand the key aspects of your brand personality, and help develop a brand positioning that helps you control the narrative of how your customers perceive you.

Key Messaging

When I say “I’m lovin’ it”, you conjure the image of a clown in red & yellow. Same with “Just do it” (Yes, it’s Nike). We translate your brand positioning and personality into tangible phrases and key words that will help your brand stand out in the market. What’s your tagline?

Personal Branding

Whether you are a small-business owner, an employee or a mega-business tycoon, you need a clear personal brand that shows up on your key social media profiles, your personal website or your resume. This helps you control the narrative when anyone looks you up on your business profiles. If you want to become an authority figure in your area of expertise or as a business leader, we help you get there by understanding your personality, your areas of passion and helping you write personal and professional stories, opinions that can shape and influence your peers and community.

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