How can businesses stand out?

January 3, 2021

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Seven major social media platforms compete to hold your attention within the 2.5 hours you spend on social media every day.

Is it, then, any surprise that one of the biggest issues faced by businesses today is a failure to stand out in the chaos?

There are 2 key ways that businesses can break through in the market:

1. Product Innovation: A product that unique & differentiated, not easily imitable, and one that addresses a nascent consumer need. A prime example of this is LinkedIn. The platform has created a differentiated product, that others are trying to recreate, but has become unique & inimitable.

2. Branding: A brand that creates a strong emotional connect with the consumer, so that they begin to trust the business & become loyal consumers & eventual advocates. This is what LIFEWTR has so successfully done. There is not much that is unique to the product itself, but the branding lends itself to create a very loyal consumer base.

What are other things that businesses can do to stand out?

Written by Isha Vyas
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