Your Logo is NOT your brand

January 14, 2021

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Your logo is not your brand.

A brand is made up of many different elements: the logo, the visual aesthetics, the tagline, the tone/voice in which it speaks, and more. But it is NOT any one of these or even all of these combined, that make the brand. It is something bigger.

A brand is a promise you make to your customers. It is a shorthand to help customers understand what to expect the next time, and every time they interact with you.

Every time a customer engages with you, you create an impression on them. The impression or emotion over time, becomes your identity to them. And that becomes your brand. It is who you are, to your customers.  

Therein lies the true essence of branding: How do you make a promise to your customer? And how do you keep it?

To truly understand the difference between a good and an average brand, remember this:

-       Nike is Nike is Nike

-       Hilton could be Hyatt could be Holiday Inn

Written by Isha Vyas
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